Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The always-fascinating Damn Data explains how Theosophy revived the concept of cremation in the west. It's odd to think cremation was such a taboo here until recently. Most people I know plan on being cremated when they go. Thanks, Madame Blavatsky!

A brief look across the nation:

In Arizona, the cowboy poets are gathering.

In Ann Arbor, they've got urban fairies.

In New York City, they have the Surveillance Camera Players (other chapters have sprung up around the globe!).

Meanwhile, Russia may have tried to claim the Arctic, but they used footage from Titanic to try to convince the rest of the world. Er...


Anonymous said...

I really liked the Theosophy article. Hmmm....maybe kneedeepincorpses could riddle me this. If you choose cremation, must you still be embalmed?

Anonymous said...

Hello Cassandra, and thank you for your interest in the world of the dead.

Embalming is only required if you are planning on having a traditional funeral service before your actual cremation. That way they can pump you with dyes and cosmetics so you look all pretty before they chuck you in the oven.

Most folks do memorial services now instead of traditional funerals... in that case, you can simply be bagged and burned up....then show up at your memorial in the container of your choice. No Embalming is required.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kneedeep.

Perhaps, we could start an advice column for those who want to know the awful truth before making their final arrangements. The thought of being embalmed sickens me. I want to avoid it, at all costs.

Thanks again!