Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy International Day of the World's Indigenous People!

(The UN needs to work on more user-friendly titles.)

Are you a librarian suffering from burnout? Symptoms include rudeness. This cracks me up for some reason.

I hadn't looked at the Internet Library for Librarians in years, but it's still going strong and is still a great resource. I should start revisiting old bookmarked library sites.

How many of the 52 most influential photographs have you seen? (Well, 51, really. I don't think the last one counts.)

And lastly, it's not too early to start planning for BlogDay on August 31. Consider participating and expanding your horizons!


Anonymous said...

Oh Noes!!!!

I think I may have the library burn-out symptoms!

Oh Jeebus noes!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm burnout and I don't even push myself that hard! I snorted water through my nose when reading, 'Stop taking work home.' HA! That's easy, now what? I'm still burnt out.

Loved the 52 pictures, but many actually hurt my vagina, they were that disturbing.

Tim said...

I'm glad you said that the UN needs to work on their titles, cause my knee-jerk reaction to reading that was -- aren't we all indigenous people of the world? Except the First Lady, of course, she's clearly a Fembot.