Friday, August 17, 2007

Lots of links from others today; we'll go through them alphabetically. (Note to Brendan: your email got accidentally zapped by the spam filter - could you resend it?)

From Bunny: the boss of a Chinese toy factory hangs himself as a result of the current recall. (Since the FDA chief was executed a few weeks ago, maybe he was trying to avoid a similar fate?)

From Cassandra: the awesome Horror Movie a Day weblog, a story about Stephen King being mistaken for a vandal when he signed some books in a bookstore, and a look at the propaganda surrounding marijuana these days.

From Courtney: the bizarre tale of the duct tape bandit from Kentucky.

From Danny: the Yangtze River dolphin is thought to be extinct. Where's Douglas Adams when you need him?

From Holly: a giant LEGO man washed up on the beach of a Dutch resort! It turns out that he goes by Leonard and even has his own webpage, although no one is quite sure who he is or what he's doing floating about visiting various countries.

Also from Holly: the best flyer ever, and an update on solving Rubik's Cube (Holly's comment: "I thought people had moved on from this by now.")

From a relative who goes by Mink: they can't take away our freedom! Mink are running amok in the Berkshires! Run for the hills! Woohoo!

From Satori: the mystery of the annual visitor to Poe's grave may be solved, as a 92-year-old man has come forward. They call the whole thing a hoax, but is it really? I think it's taken on a life of its own at this point, regardless of how it started.

Many thanks, everyone! Have a spiffy weekend. See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

I have a question about a horror film, not answered by the Movie a Day weblog.

Do any of you remember the black and white movie, starring Vincent Price, that showcased a creature climing out of a toilet? Calling kneedeepincorpses!

bjkeefe said...

Note to Brendan: your email got accidentally zapped by the spam filter - could you resend it?