Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's 102 outside (yes, really) and it's hard to get motivated to even update, much less walk around the neighborhood. But in case you live in a more temperate climate, try WalkScore and see how pedestrian-friendly your living area is! I put our house address down and we got a score of 31, which is deemed "unwalkable" although we can get to the basics if need be.

Big happy Meet Cleaver news! Butch got interviewed for the Midnight Podcast, and here's an mp3 of the interview. Listen to our fun madness!

Finally, someone is taking time travel seriously! If you're rich and want to help, feel free! (There's all sorts of interesting things on his faculty page.)

A neat link from DawnoWar: who have you outlived so far? I just outlived Andy Kaufman and, if I make it another year or so, I will have outlived Princess Diana. Yikes, I'm old.

From Cassandra: so, does alien life exist? Can we get a definitive answer? (Probably not till the spaceships land on Earth. But it's fun to speculate.)

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Danny said...

Walkscore is a bit quirky :p
I got 89 - not surprising since I live in the middle of town, but looking at the libraries I saw the one listed was in Emden - Germany, that is - not the one within walking distance in Groningen. 40+ Miles is a bit tough on the feet ;)