Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I am sorry to report that I took the Bionic Assessment Test and am only 39% bionic. Don't count on me to save you from a burning car or anything. (Part of my low score is due to the fact that I didn't read all the instructions and completely bombed one section. Doh.)

Luke Skywalker's lightsaber is going up with the next shuttle! How cool is that? (I poked around a bit more and found that Chewbacca delivered the lightsaber to NASA, which is even better.)

A quick look at what's going on around the world: in Liverpool, the International Slavery Museum has opened in time to commemorate the bicentennial of abolishing slavery in England; an artist is going to Chernobyl with special cameras that capture radiation; Egypt has an amazing collection of funerary portraits from the Roman era; and a look at two years after Katrina in New Orleans.

Also, in Florida they captured a "melanistic bobcat" which is all black. They think this may solve the mystery of people claiming to see black panthers. I swear I saw a huge black cat up in Massachusetts one summer when I was little, but no one's ever believed me. Maybe it was one of these.

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bjkeefe said...

I think you're not alone in your bobcat-in-MA claim. From an email from my father:

This morning as I was looking out the side window of my condo, either 1) a large domestic cat with a stubby tail, or 2) a bobcat, walked by with a squirrel dangling from its mouth.

A quick review of pictures from google makes me think it was, indeed, a bobcat. Possible?

And in a reply to that message from a friend who also lives in western MA:

[name], who has a farm on [street] in Lee, saw a bobcat in his back field this spring with three bobkittens. It is very possible.

"Go, Mother Nature!" I say.