Friday, August 10, 2007

Links from others, as it is Friday. Thanks, everyone!

From Holly: Thai cops are punished with Hello Kitty armbands. Er?

From Bunny: a prominent Young Republican is in hot water for molesting another man. Eeep.

From Cassandra: the absolute creepiest thing you will see today.

From Courtney: Wal-Mart is selling Biblical action figures!

From the Graveworm: a super-cool floating powered lightbulb, based on Tesla's inventions.

Swiped from Tim: Brits don't know their road symbols, and I can't really blame them. I got 5 of 10 right, and think the first one is the vaguest symbol ever. (My guess was "Warning, Schrodinger's cat may be ahead. Or not.")

Other fun stuff: a Chinese TV show fights fake antiques by smashing them, and Blackle thinks we could save a ton of energy by going to grey type on a black background. We'd be more stylish then too, if perhaps a bit more visually impaired.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.


bjkeefe said...

Good on you (and Bunny) for the YR story. We must always always note these. It is my faint hope that sometime before the Rapture, a few of the Dumb will notice the Hypocrisy that characterizes their Party.

bjkeefe said...

And your assertion "the absolute creepiest thing you will see today"?

100% agreed.