Monday, August 20, 2007

I had no idea there was a Color Marketing Group which determines the "hot" colors for a particular year or season. They even have detailed their forecasting methods. Evidently this year's colors are green, blue, brown, and red. (Er. Seems like a good way to cover one's bases, there.)

In more artistic news, Dresden's Old Masters Picture Gallery has opened a wing in Second Life, with 750 paintings displayed. Wow. I finally have a reason to visit Second Life!

After some authors die, their creations continue. Sherlock Holmes is a particularly visible example, and it seems that James Bond will join him in the future. (If the authors don't like this turn of events, maybe they could pool their afterlife money and scare readers and agents with these possessed books. Har.)

A stranger, more serious story about a late author: Arthur Miller's son Daniel had Downs Syndrome, and was never acknowledged or mentioned by his father until very late in his life. There's some interesting speculation on how his work reflected this conflict.

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bjkeefe said...

re: color marketing group:

I once knew a woman whose job title was "Color Consultant." People who were fixing up their houses -- old Victorians in Northampton, MA -- would hire her to pick a color scheme to create the "painted lady" style of the San Francisco area.

I couldn't stand listening to her talk about it. It reminded me of feng shui babble. But I have to say, she did have an eye, and the difference in appearance between houses she advised on and others where the owners picked out colors themselves was not at all trivial.