Friday, August 31, 2007

It's time for Friday links from others! Many thanks, everyone.

From Brendan: Feedburner and Blogger now work together, like a Reese's Cup for the geeky. Lovely.

From Cassandra: Women and horror; a more specific look at feminism and The Cat People; and a website on "Christian discipline" that has turned out to be a hoax (but was funny while it was operational).

From Dawnowar: the most awesome cake ever, featuring the Muppets!

From Bunny, who is evil: the creepiest, ickiest spider story ever. (Also, a related story about a gigantic spiderweb.)

Have a spiffy holiday weekend, everyone! We'll be off on Monday and see you on Tuesday.


bjkeefe said...

Glad the link to the Feedburner/Blogger integration helped!

Reine Marie said...

Yep! yep! thanks.. ;)