Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hi. I've been engrossed by Daymare Town and its similarly spooky (and rather steampunky) siblings lately. It's especially fun playing these at night! I told someone the other day that I thought these sorts of games should be used in place of the logic section in standardized testing. Creative problem-solving, I can do. Logic puzzles, not so much.

The rest of today's posts are the result of following trails along the web and finding interesting things along the way. I started out reading about flying tanks, and then somehow ended up finding Just Imagine, a film from 1930 I've never seen (but need to!). In the process, I found out that what I really like is now called Raygun Gothic. Hee. (A lot of steampunk aficianados ignore everything from 1910 or so on. I am not one of those aficianados; I'm fascinated with everything through the 1930s, including the pulp stuff and the art deco and all that.)

You knew it was only a matter of time: behold, Steam Trek!

If you know Russian, you can breeze through the amazing Moscow Metro site a little more easily than the rest of us. Fortunately, you can click away merrily without worrying too much and see some amazing photos and scans (also, the URLs are in English, which helps).

Insects + gears = wow.

And lastly, I love how "analog" is becoming a synonym for retro these days. Ooooh, analog!

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