Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Creative Fundraising Award of the summer goes to a Pennsylvania library currently auctioning off one of Dale Earnhardt's tires. Yes, really! (Well, not the award part. I made that up. But if such an award existed, this library would probably win it.)

Questia now features scores of public domain books, much like Project Gutenberg. This might be a good way to catch up on the classics. For images, Wellcome is a fantastic site, and everything is available under a Creative Commons license!

We now move into the educational portion of our post. By now you've probably heard about Miss Teen South Carolina's views on geography. Now MapsForUS is here to help the U.S. Americans who don't have maps of the Iraq and such. (If you're not up to speed on this issue, there's a video link on the site which explains everything.)

For the more geographically and politically savvy, Politifact covers what's going on in the world of our public leaders. (Check out the army of news researchers involved! News librarians rock!)

For both the mathematically inclined and the people who avoid math like a contagious disease: We All Use Math Every Day, working in tandem with the TV show Numb3rs, does its best to make math fun and useful.

And now, for some fun stuff: George W. Bush is visiting Australia for the APEC meeting, and an Australian newspaper suggests that you dress him in Aussie gear. (I particularly like the Dame Edna options.)

What are the 25 best opening lines of rock songs? Spinner has a list so that people can argue. (There is a distinct lack of gothy/new wave songs on the list. I think this should be remedied.)

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list from Spinner. You know how I love lists. I feel compelled to add a few more here. (sorry!)

1. Boy George - Crying Game- I know all there is to know about the crying game. (There's a hook. He makes it seem like he's going to share profound insights about love and loss, so I wanted to listen further.)

2. David Bowie - Kooks - Will you stay in our lovers' story? (He asks permission, doesn't assume, I love that!)

3. Pink Floyd - Grandchester Meadows - Icy wind of night begone this is not your domain. (Poetry, plain and simple.)

4. David Bowie - Word on a Wing - In this age of grand illusion, you walked into my life out of my dreams. (Who doesn't want that to happen.)

5. Human League - Fascination - Keep feeling fascination passion burning love so strong. (I usually don't like to be told what to do, but those are such wonderful directives, who wouldn't want to follow them. Also, the word fasincation is one of my favorite.)

My work here is done. haha