Monday, December 24, 2007

Playmobil Advent Calendar Competition

The Spooky Librarians have two advent calendars this year: the "Knight's Duel," aimed at boys, and the "Unicorn Paradise," geared toward girls. We're going to look at each day's offering and compare and contrast. Join us and vote for your favorite, won't you?

December 24th

Knight's Duel: A king figurine.
Brian's take: Ah, the king makes a fitting end to this advent calendar. I urge everyone to vote for the Knight's Duel calendar! Huzzah!

Unicorn Paradise: A baby unicorn.
Jeanne's take: In lieu of a nativity scene, we have a baby unicorn here with a star imprinted on its forehead instead of a horn. I guess birth would be really painful for unicorns if they had a horn already.

Which do you prefer?

Thanks for following along with us through the 24 days of advent, everyone! Tomorrow we'll post some photos of both sets in action and tally the votes to find out which calendar you liked best. Happy holidays from the spooky librarians!

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