Saturday, December 22, 2007

Playmobil Advent Calendar Competition

The Spooky Librarians have two advent calendars this year: the "Knight's Duel," aimed at boys, and the "Unicorn Paradise," geared toward girls. We're going to look at each day's offering and compare and contrast. Join us and vote for your favorite, won't you?

December 21st

Knight's Duel: A treasure chest.
Brian's take: A large ornate treasure chest. The riches must be great, if housed in such a large box, but Grimtooth recommends you check it for poisoned needles and deadfall traps before sticking your hands in.

Unicorn Paradise: Two fence-type items.
Jeanne's take: I suspect these are for the unicorns that are supposed to eventually show up. We decided they look very Italianate. Brian just made a joke about "Baroque-n" gates. Wokka wokka!

Medieval security left a lot to be desired.

Which do you prefer?

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