Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday is Links from Others Day! Thanks, everyone.

From Cassandra: Did you know that Venezuela just changed their clocks by 1/2 hour? Talk about confusing. Also from Cassandra: a huge guide to finding music online, an article about the new absinthe, stories on earworms and glowing cats, and the freakiest thing you could possibly buy for a baby.

From Holly: Cat attacks mailman! Wow, delivery people have it rough, judging from this article.

From Satori: PETA is going after the Olson twins for their fur-wearing tendencies. I like Satori's take: "The art is great, they got top notch designers. OH! That’s where all the money to help animals goes!"

Swiped from How many five-year-olds could you take in a fight? Apparently I could take on 21 of them. I hope that's not all at once.

The Jingler promises to turn any mp3 you upload into a holiday-themed song, with the addition of bells and whatnot. Yikes.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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