Saturday, December 08, 2007

Playmobil Advent Calendar Competition

The Spooky Librarians have two advent calendars this year: the "Knight's Duel," aimed at boys, and the "Unicorn Paradise," geared toward girls. We're going to look at each day's offering and compare and contrast. Join us and vote for your favorite, won't you?

December 8th
Knight's Duel: a "pewter" pitcher and two goblets.
Brian's take: One step up from the leather mugs in the Renaissance Faire Dork Scale. I chuckled to myself and wondered how many of our readers bought these to use at the wedding. Even between my chuckles, I'm probably just jealous. I'll settle for my 1/8 scale set, thank you.

Unicorn Paradise: birds!
Jeanne's take: They're cute. I am, however, starting to wonder if they should have called this calendar the Bird Paradise instead of Unicorn Paradise. I mean, so far I've seen a parrot, a peacock, and now four little songbirds, and I have yet to see a unicorn.

Irish birdwatching expeditions never end well.

Which do you prefer?

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