Thursday, December 27, 2007

The news about Benazir Bhutto is just appalling. The good folks at ResourceShelf have already put together a list of resources on Bhutto and Pakistan for anyone needing information.

Meanwhile, the British monarchy has set up its own YouTube Channel. This seems a little bizarre, but it's interesting to see archival footage and I'd love it if other monarchies and governments would follow suit.

If you read Metafilter or its sibiling AskMetafilter, you know that a lot of books get recommended in the discussion threads. Now ReadMe has gathered all the recommendations together in one place! Hooray!

What are the ethics involved in reviewing books? Results of a new survey are out, and you can compare it with earlier surveys as well.

If you're planning on being in Times Square for New Year's Eve, or you're just curious about the experience, there's a whole website full of information about the event.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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