Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Playmobil Advent Calendar Competition

The Spooky Librarians have two advent calendars this year: the "Knight's Duel," aimed at boys, and the "Unicorn Paradise," geared toward girls. We're going to look at each day's offering and compare and contrast. Join us and vote for your favorite, won't you?

December 19th

Knight's Duel: A helmet with feathers.
Brian's take: This is actually called a Great Helm, used for pageantry because no one went out to war wearing these sorts of things. It's very Ivanhoe.

Unicorn Paradise: A headdress, a fan, and a bow.
Jeanne's take: Oh my god, more accessories. The bow goes on the back of the figure's skirt. I'm starting to think this is the queen, or at least the primary princess, because man, she is seriously accessorized.

It seems like the knight would get more use out of the fan, actually, what with his armor and helmet and all...

Which do you prefer?

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