Thursday, December 06, 2007

I think yesterday's advent contest may result in the most lopsided voting results of the month. Hee.

On to today's links! The French National Library is about to open its archive of erotic art to the public. Ooooo. For more innocent fare, you can look through a slideshow of illustrations from children's books on Slate.

The Wonkosphere tracks the online exposure of the 2008 Presidential candidates. Right now Huckabee is looming over the rest, but check back tomorrow and it'll be an entirely different landscape, no doubt.

There's a scandal brewing in Wikipedia-world; apparently there was a super-secret mailing list among its editors. Whoops.

Along the same lines of "who can you trust?" issues, here's a look at how photographs have been altered and manipulated over the years. I never knew that image of Lincoln was a composite!

This one's for the law librarians: there's a weblog which tracks the buying and selling of homes by Chicago and St. Louis attorneys. There really is a weblog for absolutely everything these days.

And lastly, Wesley Stace, who is not only an author under his own name but is also a singer under the name John Wesley Harding, lists his top ten books on ventriloquism. Hooray for eclecticism!


Unknown said...

wowzers...the photograph manipulation link is quite interesting. The following comparison shot should be shown to all children (especially young girls) in elementary school:

Quite an eye-opener on body image and beauty.

Tim said...

I didn't read anything after "erotic art."