Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Today we're all about weird wintry characters. (Currently it's raining, snowing, and sleeting all at once outside, so it's appropriate.)

You may know all about St. Nicholas, but have you heard of his companion Krampus? More to the point, have you seen all the amazing costumes of people dressed as Krampus? (Possibly disturbing images, depending on how you feel about devils and horned creatures come to life.)

Closer to home, the Shillitos elves are not on display this year, because there's no room for them. Sad. They should petition Macy's to let the workshop return each year.

Have Yeti tracks been discovered on Everest? Some people say yes, and a lot of people say no.

NORAD is really getting into this whole "tracking Santa" thing. I blame Homeland Security.

And if you're not feeling like celebrating any sort of holiday, you can pop over to London for the Pig's Ear Beer and Cider Festival, which started yesterday and goes till Saturday! Drink up!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Krampus links, I learned something today! :) I know why they got rid of them here in the US. Kids are already freaked out enough by St. Nick. Our niece, Emily has been completely freaked out because she thought Santa was hiding in the house. Her mom told her at one point "He could be anywhere, even in the heating vents." The poor girl didn't sleep for a day or two because she thought Santa was in the heating. Her mom quickly backtracked. :)