Saturday, December 01, 2007

Playmobil Advent Calendar Competition

The Spooky Librarians have two advent calendars this year: the "Knight's Duel," aimed at boys, and the "Unicorn Paradise," geared toward girls. We're going to look at each day's offering and compare and contrast. Join us and vote for your favorite, won't you?

December 1st

Knight's Duel: a weapons rack with two torches and a golden winged gargoyle.
Brian's take: This weapons rack is mighty extravagant, even for a knight. Comprised of eight separate pieces, it took us longer to put together than it would have for an actual life-sized weapons rack. The gargoyle looks more like a cute dinosaur than a gargoyle. My first reaction was "This could easily be modified into a Spanish Inquisition torture device." Overall, a kickass way to start off the boy's calendar and a foreshadowing of cooler things to come.

Unicorn Paradise: a birdcage with a working door and swing inside.
Jeanne's take: Sure, let's start the girl's calendar off with a gilded cage. Stay inside and look pretty, womenfolk! Ahem. Overall, this is nice enough - the swing actually swings, the door can open and shut, and it was made up of six pieces which were pretty easy to put together. It's one giant birdcage, though. I'm eager to see if an ostrich or a condor shows up later. (Who am I kidding? It's going to be a canary or a cockatoo.)

Which do you, the viewer, prefer?

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