Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's fun nostalgia day!

Also "dexterity needed with small objects" day.

The final product:

Yay! A skittermobile! Er...I am told the technical term is "mouse droid." Take it away, Bunny.

"The MSE-series was a popular line of MSE "Mouse" droids. These droids were usually programmed with a single function that varied per assignment. Once they were set on the task, they would do nothing else. These droids were often used to carry messages in vast Imperial ships and battle stations as well as leading troops through mazes of corridors to their assigned posts. They also have two small internal arms and they can do a variety of tasks such as sanitation and security.

3 out of 5 parsecs for being recognizable."

And now, a recreation of a scene from the 1977 film:

Wharrrgh!  Zip!!

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