Friday, December 09, 2011

It’s Friday and time for links sent in by others, hooray! Thanks to everyone. We have a wide variety of topics…

Space news: Cassandra warns us an “impossible” phenomenon is imminent with the lunar eclipse on Saturday! Watch the skies. Also, Bunny sends in the breaking news that a spaceship is on Mercury…or maybe it’s a planet…or, well, maybe it’s Mercury itself. Whoa.

Holidays: Holly found a wonderful Muppets alphabet (possible gift idea!) while Bunny shows a Santa mall arrival gone horribly (but hilariously) wrong.

Spooky stuff: Julie sends in this story about the discovery of a “witch cottage” (complete with cat!) in Lancashire. Meanwhile, a man goes to see Breaking Dawn and chronicles his reactions (link sent in by Holly).

And finally, a serious link from Cassandra: the science of pedophilia. 

Have a safe and spiffy weekend, everyone. Advent calendar updates will continue through the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Poor misunderstood pedophiles

As children, they don't want to grow up to be sexually abusive! They can't help it! (smell the sarcasim?)

Those sexually abused by them don't really put that in their bucket lists either.

I like this: “Truthfully, I don't think the psychiatric profession has much of a clue about pedophiles."