Saturday, December 03, 2011


Hi everyone! Word has it that we may be featuring a preteen Star Wars fan's review of our review, or something similar, as the days go on. (Turns out many people have this advent calendar, which makes it extra fun!)

Today, we are back to an assortment of small pieces.

 At first we thought it might be a droid of some sort. But no!

What we have here is a mechnochair, with one foot left over (for repair purposes, perhaps?).

Bunny's report from Wookieepedia:  "A mechnochair was a mobile, mechanical chair used by wealthy Neimoidians as a sign of their status. Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation possessed one."

We tried to get our Nute Gunray figure to sit upon this mechnochair, but he wasn't having it. Apparently holographic figures (such as the Emperor) appeared upon this chair, so perhaps it was used more as a communications device than a transportation aid. Below is an actual mechnochair:

And here is our version, high-steppin' it as it marches around our room:

Rating: We are divided on this one. Bunny considers it "lame" and rates it a 2; I think it's pretty nifty and would rate it nearer a 4. We have compromised and award it 3.5 parsecs out of 5.

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