Thursday, December 08, 2011


Aha, another figure!

But not just any figure. Not just any Rebel pilot (as I originally thought). Not Luke Skywalker (as Bunny originally thought). No, this is A Very Special Character.

Bunny is here to tell you all about...Dack Ralter.

"Dack Ralter was a starfighter pilot and gunner of Rogue Squadron in the Alliance. He served as Luke Skywalker's gunner during the Battle of Hoth.

And here is Zap Rowsdower's (aka Dack Ralter's) touching tale of heroism and dreams cut tragically short:

Ralter was born to political prisoners in the Imperial labor colony on Kalist VI. As a youth, his parents would often model his dreams with tales of the wonder and delight that existed before the formation of the Empire. These stories were about all that kept him going during his days living inside the huge transparisteel dome of Kalist VI. Later a Rebel Pilot by the name of "Breg" shows up...and dies while helping bust him outta prison. SO..... Dack dedicates his new-found freedom and youthful exuberance to fighting the dreaded Empire! He becomes a rebel pilot.... advances to become a member of Rogue Squadron (taking the place of another ill-fated rebel pilot: Biggs Darklighter) and is eventually transferred to the frozen tit of the galaxy: Echo Base on Hoth.
Here he jumps in the "snowspeeder" with Luke Skywalker utters his fateful last words:

""Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself!""

The snowspeeder takes a direct hit to the aft section snuffing out the happy party colored candle that is Ralter and his corpse is promptly squashed by the footpad of an approaching AT-AT...

Since his body was never recovered, we now immortalize him in lego form.


5 out of 5 for pathos!"

Actual photo of, Dack:

And our recreation of his last moments:

RATING:  5 parsecs!

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Holly said...

I would have said Wedge Antilles or Biggs Darklighter (It kinda looks like he has a mustache). James hasn't seen it yet as he is currently preparing for Saturday's First Lego League Competition.