Friday, December 23, 2011


What's this?

No, seriously, what is this?

Oh. Hm. I thought it looked like a traffic signal sculpture. Bunny's take is a bit more expansive:

"A lame-azz xmas tree? This is decidedly not Star Wars! Could it be an allusion to the "Life Day" trimmed trees seen in the "Star Wars Holiday Special"?

Life Day was a Wookiee holiday celebrated by the inhabitants of Kashyyyk every three years. It was a celebration of the planet's diverse ecosystem and the many forms of life it encompassed. It also was a time to remember family members who had died, and the young ones who continued to bring new life to a family.

Activities for Life Day included trimming a tree, launching fireworks, consuming treats like Wookiee-ookiees and Hoth chocolate, and listening to festive music

"Hoth chocolate???"  "Wookiee-ookiees???"


I'm going to bed....

2 out of 5."

(We looked up Hoth Chocolate and Wookiee-Ookiees. You really don't want to know.) 

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