Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Well, this is different...

What we have here is a tool depot!  (?)

We have a barrel, a wrench (aka "spanner"), a hammer, and what looks to be a crossbow. To the geek we go!

Bunny's take: "The bowcaster (sometimes called the Wookiee Crossbow) was a Wookiee projectile weapon that fired a metal quarrel enveloped in energy, however some bowcasters were modified to fire pure energy. Some variants had a capacity of twenty-four shots.


The Tool Depot is probably for those nerdy kids who were the equivalent of the ones that bought GI Joe "Accessory Kits" back in our day..... and what's with the "commie" hammer? USA USA USA!!!! *smirk*"

Below, a Wookiee brandishes his bowcaster.

Here, Chewbacca explores the tool depot.

RATING: Despite his mocking, Bunny gives this a 2, as there are weapons provided. Heh. I like the crossbow and the spanner, so I bump this up to 3 out of 5 parsecs.

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