Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We’re going to be all over the place this week, as we wrap up 2011 (yikes, where did the time go?) and prepare for 2012.

I will always read an interview with Umberto Eco, because it’s always fascinating (and, despite what the interviewer thinks, his latest book is on my must-check-out list).

Medieval monks and nuns faced their “noonday demons” just like we do. (Mine is more of a 2:30 demon. Your mileage may vary.)

City birds, meanwhile, are facing noise pollution and adjusting their songs accordingly!

If you’ve got some extra time this week, consider listening to whale songs and helping identify similarities. Crowdsourcing at its finest (and most relaxing).

Here’s a fun idea for indie stores; follow this Singapore-based cue of having “disloyalty cards” which encourage you to visit all the small coffee shops in the area. Everyone wins! (Well, maybe not Starbucks.)

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