Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New York has done it again. Check out these gorgeous steampunk-themed holiday windows at Macy’s.

Reader Vicente has sent in a fantastic entry. I turn it over to him, with many thanks for sending it our way!


Here is a little something I've found that I think you might like.

Nick Carver's Race for the Globe

This seems to be a project that will take some time, but for the moment it looks gorgeous. A global race set in the early 20th century... let's call it late steampunk, shall we? There are more illustration and 3D models in Nick Carver's CGHUB site: pages 1 to 4 (though the rest of the samples are pretty impressive too).

I found the illustrations exciting and powerful. I'd certainly love to read the book / watch the movie / whatever the whatever!

To give credit where credit is due, I found this lurking in my tumblr account via Dr Monocle's tumblr (here, here and here), and then followed the crumbs.


(I agree, I'd be thrilled to whatever the whatever!)

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