Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's art links have an international flavor to them, which was accidental but nice.

In London, the home of John Keats has reopened to the public.

In Berlin, a retrospective of the Bauhaus movement is going on, and looks amazing.

In Paris, they're analyzing graffiti to a somewhat bewildering detail. (Thanks, Cassandra!)

In Boston, a trial between a student and the RIAA over downloading songs is scheduled to begin today, and they're keeping a running account of the proceedings over on Twitter.

In New York, Coney Island is only a shadow of its former self...but imagine what would have happened if plans had gone through in the 1920s to rebuild Dreamland as a Freudian playground!

In the indistinct world of cyberspace, "John Kenn" is uploading fantastic drawings on art on Post-It Notes. Great stuff.

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