Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The steampunk links are going to be broken up into two separate posts -- the second entry will be sometime later this week. Aren't you excited?

Today, it's (mostly) about tangible objects. Do you wear glasses and curse the pragmatic problems of goggles? Why not make light-up goggles for ornamental purposes, then?

Paul Fryer has created a "chess set for Tesla" that looks like it belongs in a mad scientist's parlor.

Steampunk t-shirts are starting to proliferate! This one is even winged.

I don't post many Etsy shop links, because once I started I would have dozens upon dozens of them to post, but the Interdimensional Imports shop is definitely worth a look. I think I want an Aether Patrol patch.

An artist known as Kezanti makes gorgeous, intricate sculptures in Brugges. Look at Shiva the tiger!

Dark Roasted Blend continues their series on amazing steampunk art and artists.

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