Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the ultimate steampunk, or at least the ultimate steampunk authentication. Hee.

Comic-Con is over, but the steampunk brigade was out in full force and even set a Guinness record, according to LA Weekly. And look at some of the merchandise that will be on the way soon!

On the other side of the country, Dances of Vice is getting ready for a Sunday brunch on August 6, with Voltaire appearing and the Japan TV station NHK shooting a documentary! Reserve a seat now before they're gone! (In a somewhat related vein, we're posting -- and encouraging others to post -- events over at the Steampunk Empire.)

The Falcon is a short stop-animation film that should appeal to any steampunky type.

Also bound to appeal: the LEGO work of V&A Steamworks!

Author Arthur Slade has started a "great moments in steampunk history" list over on his LiveJournal, and I hope it continues.

Monster Commute describes itself as having a "60s steampunk influence," which is a wonderfully anachronistic description. I support time anomalies whenever possible!

I also support steampunkish designs, like many on this list of 50 t-shirts. (Some, not so much. But they're all interesting, and available!)

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Anonymous said...

You and J must make it to that brunch! Wow!