Friday, July 24, 2009

This week seemed longer than usual somehow. It's finally Friday, however, and today we feature an all-Cassandra Links from Others Post! Thanks much to Ms. C., whose enthusiasm for Folderol keeps me going some days.

There may be an ocean's worth of water in one of Saturn's moons. See, I told you Saturn was the coolest planet.

An intensive study reveals that professors should wear whatever they want. Um, thanks?

There are miles of caverns in Easter Island!

Human bodies glow in visible light. Cassandra's take: "We're radioactive." My reply: "Or we're all sparkly vampires! Yay!" Cassandra didn't respond to that.

Lastly, the Hope Chest is not a contribution from Cassandra, but something I found earlier this week. No wonder everyone was taking cocaine and opium in the so-called good old days, as mentioned in Tuesday's links.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

But I did respond to your sparkly vamp suggestion, with an article from Ms. Magazine slamming Twilight!(teehee)

Also, I'm glad my enthusiasm is good for something! It often seems wasted. (wah..wah..haha!)

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. Judge spanks wife beater. Then, suddenly, those present are devoured by a terrible gyrating beast - moaning, groaning, snorting, snogging, slobbering - many legged, many armed frightening beast! The creature with more than one back! Wow. People are strange.

Satori said...

Someone must clarify for said professors that they should wear a DIFFERENT "whatever they want" to lecture each day. I had more than one that I swore wore the same clothes every day...