Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday! Links from others! Yay!

From Danny: a very nice, very detailed roundup of what's going on in the world of contemporary architecture.

From Jere, among others: Make your own Mad Men character. I did one, and apparently I am not the early '60s type, because my character looks oddly severe and strange. (Also, a belated bon voyage & good luck wish to Jere as he starts law school in NYC!)

From Cassandra: the issue of ethical robots, the myths about Judas, and why spelling and common sense still matter in the world of GPS navigation.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! Special good wishes and congratulations to Jeff and Dan; wish we could be there. Back on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the Judas article. As a youngster, I sometimes attended a Baptist church in Newport. There, I wondered why Judas was considered so villainous compared to the Romans, compared to God. Especially when the church constantly reminded us of God’s plan and the fact that if Jesus so chose, he could’ve climbed right off the cross.
I always thought God was the most evil being in the Bible. He tortured Job for kicks and giggles. He toyed with Abraham to test his loyalty by emotionally blackmailing him into killing his son, and then said, no Abe, no worries. He turned Sara into a pile of salt because of her curiosity. And what temper tantrums, destroying the entire population with floods! I always wondered about the innocent bystanders. I was in a constant state of indignation. His punishment of Adam and Eve proved to me that he was beyond redemption. So, take that and weigh it against Judas’ actions, no comparison.
I always thought, if blame were to be placed on anyone but God, the masses should have shouldered the burden of guilt. Essentially, it was their choice, they turned on him. Judas was just a conduit. As you can imagine, my thoughts on God and the Bible were embraced warmly by my Sunday school teachers. (teehee)

I’ll put away my soapbox now.