Thursday, July 09, 2009

And it continues. The last full-time librarian at the Cincinnati Enquirer is gone as of today. When I was there in the 1990s, there were six of us. Best of luck to everyone who went through the Gannett layoffs this week.

Meanwhile, in my second chosen profession*, things are only marginally better. The New Carlisle Library has a good update on the current situation for Ohio libraries. Bunny thinks that this may be dramatics on our governor's part in order to get something else he wants in the budget, much like the controversy over school vouchers from last year. I hope he's right, but I'm disappointed in Strickland. He was my representative when I lived in Athens and I liked him, and was thrilled when he ran for and won the governorship. Now, not so thrilled. I think a visit from the Book Beast to the Governor's Mansion is in order, if Smart Girl will consent to letting him (her? it?) out of jail for a while. (If you're not reading Mimi Smartypants, you should be, incidentally.)

The library system of Johnson County, Kansas has a brilliant advertising concept going on with its book trucks. I particularly like Kafka's Pest Removal.

Flickr is now working with Twitter so you can post photos. (That sentence would sound completely ridiculous ten years ago.)

And finally, just to be topical and mention Michael Jackson: apparently he loved reading and had over 10,000 books. Who knew, other than LA booksellers?

Tomorrow: links from others!

*If I move on to another profession, I think it's going to be bartending. If the taverns ever fail en masse, it will be due to the end of civilization as we know it, so career will probably be the last of my worries.


Anonymous said...

After our trip, I decided, for my next career, to be a burlesque dancer. Age and size do not matter and the people interest me. You pour the drinks, I'll bump and grind. Instead of grey gardens, we can do toxic planet.

Jinnet said...

It's a deal!