Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spooky black algae is oozing by Alaskans. X-Files, anyone? In what is hopefully unrelated news, a psychiatrist explains zombie neurobiology.

This is the time of year when festivals start getting strange, possibly due to heat or the need to have some time off or a combination of the two. The Mobile Phone Throwing Championships take place in the UK this weekend, as does the Santa Claus Congress in Denmark (spouses and elves welcome!), the Twin Peaks Festival in Washington, and the Unicorn Festival in Italy (sadly, the site is only in Italian, but from what I can read and from the photos, it looks like a smashingly good time). Also, the Vegan Festival happens in Brazil this week, which is not as weird as the abovementioned festivals but may expand one's horizons a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Zombies

OMG Did Bunny laugh as hard at this as I? I'm so easy, poop is always funny to me. (haha)

That raises a slightly awkward question: If zombies are constantly eating, then how come they never poop?

Schlozman doesn't know for sure, but he has at least one promising theory: Maybe the living dead are constipated.

Now we know why zombies are always moaning.

Besides that, perhaps I, too, suffer from an impoperly functioning mental lobe. Explains alot, fer sher.