Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long ago (well, in the early '90s), an episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete mentioned the idea of television broadcasts reaching out into space over time, eventually telling other intelligent life about what was going on here on Earth. Provided they could pick up on such faint signals, here's what they'd be seeing these days. I bet they have awesome dance nights on Vega.

Meanwhile, back here on the planet, we have a lot of abandoned space stuff lying around. It's disheartening. Also abandoned: lots of swimming pools! And there are lovely photos of isolated (not necessarily abandoned) buildings, too.

Thanks to Cassandra, here's a truly spooky link, in which you can view anatomical wax models from the Wellcome Collection. They warn you it might be graphic.

This weekend you can watch graphic reenacted battles! In Cornwall, they're recreating (?) the Arthurian battle of Camlann, circa 537 AD; in Spain, they're reliving the days of the Viking invaders. Good times all round.

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Dawn said...

saw a thing somewhere about how CA skateboarders are breaking into foreclosed homes and using the pools as skate parks. sure its on youtube ;)