Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's public service announcements: You should not worry about vampires in Boston. In unrelated news, you are asked to turn your lights off for an hour tomorrow night. (I've seen questions about how this affects NCAA tournament watching; I have no idea. Xavier lost last night, so no one here in town cares any more!)

From Cassandra: what sex is your brain? Apparently mine is more female; I got a score of 14. (Whatever.)

Also from Cassandra: murderous beekeepers in Australia, a haunted pub in Wales, a mass gravesite of Irish immigrants, a Thai fireman dresses like Spiderman to save an autistic boy, and an article examining how brains perceive time asserts that our version of "right now" is abour 2.5 seconds.

From Satori: rogue botanists are roaming Brooklyn! Aieee!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday!


Unknown said...

"From Satori: rogue botanists are roaming Brooklyn!"

I heard a tree grows there....
*insert boos here*


Anonymous said...


Oh, yeah, and that tree (Tree-of-Heaven) is also a rogue. It's now considered a highly invasive pest. ;P