Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday, hooray! Here we are with links from others and whatnot.

From the QI elves: the wondrous city of Sybaris. They're especially impressed by the wine piped directly into the homes from the vineyards. (I am, too.)

Found via Chris Z: the wondrous cello trio from Latvia called Melo-M; here's their rendition of the theme from Ghostbusters. (Check out their other stuff, too -- it's all great!)

From Cassandra: a wondrous pink dolphin, the (allegedly) most beautiful words in the English language,* a great photographic exhibit for Women's History Month, the growing popularity of cats on leashes,** and some thoughts about the future of reproductive rights.

And finally, if you're not at work (or have a permissive sort of workplace), 25 Things About My Sexuality takes that "25 things about me" meme and runs with it into a darkened alley where anyone can confess anything.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

* I beg to differ on at least a few of the words on the list.

** We once tried to put our cat on a leash. It was not exactly a success.

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