Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Celebrate women in technology!

The Club Creatures went to the Dances of Vice event in NYC last weekend, and had a wonderful time. I may be joining them for the May gathering! (I have to start planning an outfit right away, if so.)

The Library of Congress has a site titled "Chronicling American" which looks at events from the papers of 100 years ago. The entry for March 7, 1909 is taken from Ogden, Utah's Morning Examiner and concerns Count Zeppelin and his amazing machine. Photographs included!

Also at the Library of Congress: some enterprising types have started a Flickr tag called "Great Mustaches of the LOC" and the photos definitely live up to the hype.

From the young adult section of the library comes this recommendation for Mainspring, a steampunky sort of book which sounds like something I need to read right away.

There is something about the combination of steampunk and LEGOs that just seems to inspire people. The latest concept depicts steampunk Ghostbusters. I especially like Egon's outfit. If you like your objects a little bigger than LEGO, check out Mike Rivamonte's amazing robot creations.

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