Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today is a double entry, because tomorrow I'll be off continuing my education via a museum visit. So! In library news, here's a wonderful list of links to library special collections (via metafilter), a link to NPR's "In Character" series (via and a pointer to the New York Times's new weblog on the economy (also via, although I found this map of the happiest and unhappiest states all on my own there. Wow, no wonder everyone around here seems depressed. They are!)

In news from others: Cassandra sends in a story about the "planet-hunting" Kepler mission, a fascinating article about the current archbishop of Canterbury, and a study of why crowds behave the way they do. Satori reports that the Masstransiscope is just as cool in person as it looks on the web, and that Czar Nicholas and all his children really were killed, which makes us both sad for some unknown reason.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! Back on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Did you peruse the library special collections, the Nurse Romance Cover of the Week? They are fantastic! It's hard to choose a favorite as they are all exquisite, but Nurse Shelley Decides is worth a look.

What sort of idiotic nonsense is this, Shelley?” [Dr. Victor] asked. “You must know the hospital needs you desperately. Good nurses are hard to find — ” …

“I didn’t know I met that qualification in your eyes.”

His cheeks burned hotly. “Sometimes, Shelley, I’d like to turn you over my knee.” (p. 25)
--Excerpt from Nurse Shelley Decides, by Arlene Hale, 1964.

Well, then.