Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back in 1859, a "space storm" caused what came to be known as the Carrington event. If the same thing occured today (and it very well might, according to NASA), we're in deep trouble. On that cheerful note, let's delve into steampunk!

Steampunk World has published a wonderful post chock-full of links on Victorian London, and promises even more detail in the future, while Make delves into the (gorgeous) history of airships.

Meanwhile, Colombia has embraced ethernet cable as a hip new fashion accessory. Well, sort of. It does look very cool. I think the Club Creatures were the inspiration, personally. (And speaking of the Club Creatures, it's official; I'm going to be accompanying them to the Dances of Vice May event in New York! Woohoo!)

I don't explore Second Life very often (my first life takes up enough of my time as it is), but there's a vibrant steampunk community going on over there, and they even boast a Miskatonic Valley among its geography. Ooooh, ahhhh.

Steampunk and vaudeville and burlesque all seem to be melding together in some odd fashion, so people interested in steampunk may also like Matt Hoyle's Barnumville photography. I know I do.

And lastly, the rich may just buy "Jeeves Wooster lights" outright, but they look ripe for DIY experimentation among the poorer and punkier of us!

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