Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, this is sad. Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath's son has killed himself, 46 years after his mother.

Some links that put me in mind of specific readers: for the Club Creatures, check out the Fata Morgana exhibit going on at the Dabora Gallery in Brooklyn. For Danny, is it true that Dutch universities are going toward an English-only model? And for my friends in advertising and branding, Lovely Package is a weblog all about packaging design.

The Academy of American Poets has a beautiful poster for 2009, and is also accepting contest entries via a Flickr pool through April 15!

Have six of Shakespeare's works just been rediscovered? Some think so!

I read Clay Shirky's essay on the future of newspapers last week and am still thinking about it; I highly recommend it to anyone interested in society and media.

And finally, graphics can help us understand what happened to the economy. Maybe. Possibly.


Anonymous said...

Oh! We're going to that Fata Morgana exhibit for sure!Thanks!

Danny said...

Hmmm english only, I don't know, but there has been more and more english in specific subjects.. Well if the books are english too, maybe it's easier. Most students can't write a correct dutch sentence anyway, so it's not a big difference if they can't do it in english either ;)
Mostly economics and science I think for now - which is of course very handy for the foreign students :)