Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching up with steampunk around the web...the winners of CG Society's Steampunk Myths & Legends contest have been announced! You can see more details on their site, including this detailed look at Steamnocchio.

EgoPHobia's guest steampunk issue has hit the web. There's all sorts of stuff to explore there (and probably even more if you can read Romanian).

Elizabeth F. sent in the link for Clockwork Couture, which is, of course, all kinds of awesome.

The wondrous brains at SteamGear Lab have created an EyePod. With an eye! Get it? It's totally functional, too.

Finally, Gawker reports (via the Wall Street Journal) that smoking an actual old-fashioned pipe is a cool thing to do amongst the young and hip these days. Who knew?

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