Monday, March 30, 2009

A follow-up from last Monday: the New York Times discusses why we're still so interested in the story of Sylvia Plath and her family.

For Bunny: what do you think of the British buildings of the 1970s?

The rest of today's post consists of art which appears in strange formats, like Ghost in the Machine, which is a set of portraits made from cassette tape (check out Robert Smith!). There's also art via radiology, art created via an accident of the camera, and paintings recreated in LEGO by Marco Pece (via this post at Oddee, which shows the original paintings for comparison.)

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Anonymous said...

My opinionated manner compels me to comment on the essays regarding the Plath family's penchant for suicide.

Jong’s quote, “The legend of tragic, fated lovers seldom includes happy children,” sums it up well.

But, Hemingway summarized it best when he wrote, “Maybe he just couldn’t take it any longer.”

I’ve heard others suggest suicide is done for attention or that one who intentionally ends her life suffers from a severe mental illness. I think, however, Hemingway was right, life wears a person down. One can only take so much. When the reality hits that things do not get better, it’s hard to take.