Monday, March 16, 2009

Today we're all about the visual arts. To wit:

Art with crayons is one oeuvre of Christian Faur's, and the work is beautiful.

Who here has not mutilated/altered their Barbies? Is it art or violence or social commentary?

Doodling is good for your brain. (I'm no good at representational art, but I can draw some great cartoon bugs.)

USA Network's Character Project sent a dozen artists out into the country to capture the "characters" you see on a daily basis.

Justseeds, a "Visual Resistance Artists' Cooperative," has all sorts of goodies to read and buy and ponder.

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Anonymous said...

O.k. alright, you know I am an opinionated bitch so I have to comment on Barbie:

The study's conclusion--that the abuse means that Barbie is a "hate figure" among 7- to 11-year-old girls--sparked debate all over the world.

I would argue the mutilations begin with hope. All of my mutilations did anyway, kind of like Dr. Frankenstein. I wanted to make her different in a better way. When that did not work (it never did) sick fascination took over leading to minefield barbie, chemo barbie, skeletonless barbie...the options were only limited by my imagination.

Maybe it is because it was rare for me to have access to a brand new barbie? Who knows?