Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No steampunk today, just inauguration news and links. We'll get back to the history that never was next week; right now it's all about the history that's going on right now.

You can follow today's events on Flickr (add your own photos, too) and Twitter, both for the inauguration and for real-time updates on what's going on in DC (very useful if you're actually there in person right now). Harris is providing birds-eye views of the ceremony and parade. MoveOn has a list of inaugural parties going on near you today and tonight (and I know there are more that aren't listed on the site).

Also, Peter Parker is apparently going to be onsite today. Be on the lookout for Spiderman!

The Library of Congress is collecting sermons and speeches about the inauguration for its Folklife repository; let them know if you can contribute!

A hundred years ago, the inauguration ceremony took place in March (not that it seems to have helped avoid bad weather), and William Howard Taft took office amidst a huge crowd.

And finally, if you need a reminder of why we're so excited about this, Harper's has all the Bush administration statistics you'd ever want to read.


Anonymous said...

I’m very happy the Bush administration is out! THE! door! Yay! Too bad they can’t pack up and take with them all the damage they’ve caused.

It concerns me, however, this glorification we lavish on Obama. Are you getting the vibe we are canonizing him?

He can only do so much as the president of a corrupt democracy. He must answer to a disreputable congress, in addition to the special interest groups and corporate donors who financed his campaign, not out of benevolence, but self-interest.

I’m sure he will do as good of a job as our sick society will allow. Wah…wah…

Dawn said...

A little late now but don't forget Tumblr! You know he must be tech savvy cause he did an inauguration tumblelog. Coolest Pres. ever.

Jinnet said...

I saw that! But I found it after I'd posted everything else. It's like we're actually in the 21st century finally, with a president that gets it!