Monday, January 05, 2009

Can you imagine walking into an embassy and casually swiping a piece of art on your way out? Apparently it's happened a lot in the U.K.

Part of the fun of urban art is its unexpectedness. Like, say, a subway tunnelful of it. (Tunnelful is a word, Brendan. I invented it this morning.)

Scientists have found that left-handedness may be an advantage in piano playing, which could account for the high percentage of notable southpaw pianists. We may die first, but at least we play better!

Swiped from Josie: amazing ice hotel designs.

For your next bar or coffeehouse argument, bring this list of new additions to the National Film Registry, and debate whether they're worthy. (The 1933 Invisible Man film is one of them. So is In Cold Blood. And so is...The Terminator. Er?)

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bjkeefe said...

I'm fine with tunnelful, even if my spell-checker is not.

I like this sort of neologism. However, instead of the suffix -ful, I prefer -load.

And speaking of word play, the CAPTCHA for this comment is proust.