Thursday, January 15, 2009

The economy is collapsing, which means libraries are suddenly cool again. Sort of. (It cracks me up to see everyone "discovering" libraries and thrift stores. )

Obama's presidential portrait is the first one taken by a digital camera. Woohoo! The 21st century is finally getting here after all! And speaking of Obama, you can create your own HOPE (or whatever you'd like to say) poster of your own at Paste Magazine. I was going to create one and post it here, but my Flash player settings have gone all wonky. At any rate, go and make your own! It's fun!

Everybody is on Twitter these days. Even LeVar Burton! Lots of librarians are also on, like Tara of Research Buzz. From there, I found that the Whole Earth Catalog has gone online, with all the articles available as far as I can tell. Sweet.

The U.S. Postal Service has announced its lineup for new stamps in 2009. The Edgar Allan Poe stamps go on sale tomorrow!

And finally, in what is probably the last post for this sort of thing, I give you 2008's most "eventful" cities. While my city is not eventful overall, it made the top 10 list for pet owners and "night crawlers." (Ha! Dawnowar may have something to say about that last one.)

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your linke re libraries being "discoverd" is quite timely.

Our director just asked us to sibmit to her our accomplishments. I sent her this. I was only partly joking.

As the building crumbles around us (mirroring the state of our country, our morale) we brave the cruel winter to fulfill our mission. We step over empty, cracked 40 bottles and homeless people to enter a dimly lit lobby(Is this how the residents of Gotham City thought before the arrival of Batman?)

The guard laughs at our surprise, "We are trying to save money," he says, "That is why it is dark and the front of the courthouse soiled. We try though," he assures us.

We settle into our morning routines only to be greeted by the depressing news that the people we enjoy seeing everyday, the people who enrich our lives, will lose their jobs.

Our dilapidated mood, however, does not crush our desire to provide excellent service to our library patrons. Through the heavy gloom, we are able to find joy in the small things-the gratitude of a library member who truly appreciates the care with which we handle reference requests, the pro se patron who finally feels affirmed because s/he found a helpful and sympathetic ear to her problems, a free lunch hosted by our benevolent leader.

We soldier on, a testament to the indomitable human spirit. (hahahah!)