Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Now that the holidays are (pretty much) over, it's time to get back to serious activities. Burning the Clavie in Scotland, for instance. Or the Elvis festival in Australia. That sort of thing. Also, it's the season for people diving into icy pools for good causes; you can help our friend Susan retain her illustrious title of "Plunge Queen" by donating before February 7!

Moving on to spooky stuff...over at Rifftrax, Kevin Murphy has made the startling discovery that Neil Gaiman is a clone of Leonard Cohen...or maybe it's the other way round. At any rate, the best part is that Neil posted in the comments. (He did not confirm or deny any connection to Cohen.)

For cold winter night, the Art of Darkness has posted a recipe for an absinthe body bar, with the mandatory "mind the wormwood" clause. For extra decadence, you can get the now-legal absinthe and drink in the bath, I suppose.


Bill Herald said...

This made me laugh! Oh! I want to dive into a wormwood pool now! For sure.

Big Fat Cautionary Note:
Pure wormwood essential oil is poisonous. Relatively small doses may cause nervous disorders, convulsions, insomnia, nightmares, and other nasty symptoms. Don’t go swigging the stuff, and if you’re pregnant stay away from it entirely. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and very potent. Proceed with caution. Egad.

Jinnet said...

Sounds like a fairly normal evening at our respective places, doesn't it? :P