Friday, January 30, 2009

My mom reports that rural Kentucky is in a real mess right now, with no power, heat or water. The National Guard just arrived; if you could send some good vibes and/or volunteer efforts and/or donations that way, they'd be much appreciated.

Cassandra tells me that today is National Escape Day. We both picked Brittany as our escape destination. How about you?

Also from Cassandra: the top gender studies weblogs; the story of Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood; the debate on whether to preserve Auschwitz or let it go back to nature; the future of war with robots; and The Library Chronicles.

From Zazoo: Starbucks will not be serving decaf after noon any longer. That seems sort of backwards to both him and me. Don't more people drink decaf in the afternoons and evenings?

A total tangent: I am starting to think the creator of Married to the Sea is an Ohioan, or knows someone who is. Columbus was mentioned the other day, and now we have this.

The last link is something I found while searching for a new bumper sticker (my current one, which says "Evil Lurks in the Bushes," is now obsolete!): a board game in which everyone plays gods. Hee. Looks like fun. (I still haven't found a new bumper sticker yet, incidentally.)

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

So, now I'm looking at photos of Brittany and I'm thinking what's the point of living if we can't go there right now.

Why have a holiday like Escape Day if we can't celebrate it properly? (teehee)

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't be silly, your "Evil Lurks in the BUSHes" will unfortunately be relevant as long as the family is around. Remember, there's been talk of Jeb for 2012. The Aztec calendar just might be right. ;)