Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finally, there's a viable option for night-owl librarians: many university libraries are staying open 24/7 while classes are in session. (It's been really hard for me to get back into the 8 a.m. lifestyle after the holidays, so this looks especially enticing.)

Night librarians would also help deter library borrowers like this one, who try to return books when no one's watching. (Via Unshelved.)

The Europeana digital library debuted last month and promptly crashed under the bandwidth demand; they're back up and cautiously running now. They have over two million items in their databases, so you can take your time.

Also up and running: the Chicago Underground Library!

In case you've ever pondered the world record holders in library matters...wonder no more. Now there's a book and accompanying website to answer your questions.

Tomorrow: links from others! Thanks to everyone who's sent them over the past year -- they've been much appreciated, and I hope they help keep Fridays entertaining for everyone!

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